Aerospace and Defense

We develop acquire and deliver aircraft, armaments, and surveillance capabilities to countries to detect, deter, and defeat hostile threats to national security.

  • Military Fixed-Wing and Rotary Aircraft
  • Unmanned Aerial Systems
  • Space Satellite Imaging
  • Arms and Ammunition

Strategic Solutions

We develop innovative strategies for complex challenges and provide the resources necessary to consistently deliver effective solutions with positive outcomes.

  • Government and Defense
  • Critical Infrastructure Surveillance
  • Communications, Power, and Transport
  • Environmental Surveillance

Global Resources

We deliver cost-effective defense and telecommunications, electric power, and transportation infrastructure solutions and resources.

  • Maximum Purchasing Power and Value
  • Optic Fiber Land and Submarine Cable
  • Electric Transmission Cable
  • Electric Vehicle Chargers and Stations

Market Development

We develop global markets for multinational manufacturers that deliver new government, defense, and commercial customers increased revenue growth.

  • U.S., NATO, and Allied Governments
  • Global Telecommunications Networks
  • National Utilities Companies
  • International Digital Networks