Pacific International

Risk Management

We provide effective global strategic and tactical Risk Mitigation resources for multi-nationals corporations, emerging companies, governments, and non-governmental organizations.

Business Intelligence and Investigation:  political and economic risk reporting, commercial and competitive intelligence is best left to professionals whose background and training prepares them for the task.  Our specialists are former intelligence officers and professional investigators as well as attorneys on several continents.  These are the ones who have successfully transitioned from national security to commercial strategic and tactical intelligence operations.  Their successes are infrequently known, which is as it should be.  Suffice it to say the Fortune 100 has benefited from their work.

Corporate Due Diligence:  whether evaluating a joint venture partner, strategic ally, or considering a Managing Director, whether considering a purchase of patented technology or investing in a new line of products or services, the term Due Diligence appears writ large these days.  The term has expanded beyond its original meaning and now has regulatory and legal implications, the creation of liability for those who undertake it inadequately or who omit steps.  Due to its extreme importance we have focused on it as a service offering to the point of developing Due Diligence to an art.  It is actually a discipline, and we take its impact and potential consequences to heart in offering the highest possible standards of execution.

Security Management and Advisory:  whether providing close security to executives and their families in Brazil, to protecting a plant from labor unrest in Southeast Asia, from the oil fields of war zones to protection of transport convoy in other war zones, from peacekeeping to advising corporations, our team is highly experienced and skilled.  We are a military oriented and favorable company, with veteran-owned and operated status, from all branches of the US Military.  We have extensive experience from individual protection to massive operations, and we have absent friends, whose lives were lost in the line of duty, exemplifying the highest ideals of courage and the greatest sacrifice.

Crisis and Emergency Management:  preparedness is not always available.  When the crisis hits a plan must often be hastily implemented by industry, to include security, operations, transportation, medical, and extremely importantly, public relations.  Our teams come with plans for virtually every contingency, and still retain the flexibility to adapt to changing and deteriorating circumstances.  Often the messaging is the most difficult matter, as shareholders, local press, and business relations may be casualties unless the right word gets out.  Our commercial and yet military orientation allows us to be where we need to be, and where we are needed most, without loss of the big picture as it may be seen from corporate.  This capacity for commercial vision without loss of tactical and operational urgency is unique and we are proud to offer it to our clients.


Risk Management goes to the core of the aviation industry.  Whether the issue is mitigating risks for an airline or the use of air services to assist those in danger, we provide the service.  Our specialized industry expertise crosses the spectrum from air safety to business practices, improving the options for insured services and vastly reducing costs. 

We have extensive experience in delivering Air Cargo to Hazardous Environments gained from combat experience.  Air Operations, the most important logistical prong of Special Operations, is where some of our executives have their origins.  Combat experience, low intensity conflict area knowledge, and preparedness allow us to provide bespoke services in the most hazardous of the world’s environments.

Our fixed wing aircraft pilots, rotary pilots, and cargo personnel have the knowledge and experience to deliver the payload.  We anticipate growth in this field given the current and future conditions, and we are available to discuss operations as needed.  Aircraft Charter Operations and FBO Support services blend our business experience with combat training and experience, and our Charter and Fixed Base Operator hangar facilities require specialized knowledge and expertise.  The increasing need to parse out services and outsource sectors has provided us with an opportunity to demonstrate our expertise in these disciplines.  Our experts can provide counsel, advice, implementation and other arrangements for ramp and runway facilities, worldwide.

International Maritime Piracy Prevention, Interdiction and Recovery Services have been much sought after due to the increasing incidence of piracy on the high seas, which has been a wakeup call for private security services, governments and industry.  For those with combined commercial and special ops experience, it also provides an opportunity to be of services to the world’s maritime industries and trade by providing quick response via appropriate air transport.  The details of these operations are not necessary to discuss in the context of a website, but our experts are available to answer questions to serious inquiries and appropriately identified clients.

Our specialized and highly evolved Emergency Evacuation and Repatriation Services come into their own in those unanticipated moments when physical security comes into doubt due to unforeseen or quickly deteriorating circumstances round the globe.  Once again we rely on the confluence of commercial and paramilitary expertise which sets us apart from others to deliver in the face of hazardous conditions.  The requirement for Emergency Evacuation and Repatriation is not the fondest of situations for a CEO or General Counsel to consider, and when the occasion arises it is well to know that we are there to provide guidance and implementation.  Our capabilities in the necessary disciplines, including warden and cascade methodologies, EVAC plans and accompanying logistics, security and training courses, and other services are made available to our clients on demand or in advance planning.



Risk Management goes to the core of the automotive industry from the increased regulation to the need for reliably built and genuine parts, and crosses the spectrum from safety to business practices, improving the options and costs for insured services.  The security division of any major automobile manufacturer or retail company needs to extend its visibility in new and unforeseen directions. Counterfeiting of automobile parts is growing problem for branded manufacturers as quality and reliability come into question, and the liability exposure grows with every counterfeit part that enters your channels of distribution The heavy costs of products liability insurance and litigation contingency budgets can significantly drive up the cost of business in the automotive field.  Failure of corporate management to take steps to mitigate risk should be an integral component of any automobile manufacturer or parts manufacuter.  Today, this liability exposure extends to corporate management who don’t take the necessary steps to mitigate the problem..  Our consultants and other professionals can take this task in hand and provide in-sourced and out-sourced guidance and strategy counseling as well as direct implementation of sound and sensible measures.



Risk Management goes to the core of the construction industry from site management to unforeseen interruptions in production due to deteriorating conditions, and crosses the spectrum from safety to business practices and the cost of insurance.  Our Special Operations trained teams include hostage negotiations skills, facility security and perimeter experts, labor law experts and an assortment of skills on which the builder and developer can rely.  We have operated on behalf of numerous construction and project management companies on virtually every continent and have acquired extensive local expertise on the job.  We have done it for others and we can do it for you…just ask major governments, non-governmental agencies and international construction companies.



Risk Management goes to the core of any military or defense operation, whether the moving force is a government or private industry, and wherever the term “Harm’s Way” occurs.  We have substantial experience in hostile environments from the Middle East, Central and Southeast Asia to South America.  We have worked with in the service of Coalition and other Armed Forces, with deep experience in providing personal and diplomatic security, airport and aircraft security and support operations, embassy protection for several nations, to the secure movement of critical assets to support military, contractor, and relief operations. Our experience in building and maintaining Peacekeeping teams in the execution of contracts we have been awarded crosses the spectrum from safety to business practices.  Our security planning, tactical training, and critical incident management expertise has been recognized by governments of the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, EU, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Our methodology is highly developed and tested in a variety of combat and conflict zones.



We provide qualified medical resources to support our clients worldwide.  Our medical personnel have deployed on behalf of our clients in multiple countries in support of our operations to critical assets and personnel - ranging from kidnap and ransom negotiations to emergency evacuation, recovery and repatriation.  We deliver solutions and resources where and when other cannot.



Risk Management goes to the core of the real estate industry from planning, entitlement, to actual physical risk at one end of the spectrum to the other end where insurance costs eat away at profits.  Everyone wants physical security and it is a fundamental requirement for developers.  At the physical end of the scale, they may be building a resort in Bali and need assurance their project is not infiltrated by Jemaah Islamiyah.  At the more theoretical end of the scale they may need to have considered precautions and reduced risks so that the project can proceed with less insurance cost burden.  In either case our experts can supply information, intelligence, and structure to the plan to fill it out in those areas which can affect its physical or insurance risks. 



Risk Management goes to the core of the hi-tech industries, where security and trade secret protection is key to profitability.  The Silicon Valley companies are notoriously secretive about their new products, which make their splash at launch and must therefore be confidential.  Our experience from handling the most sensitive national security and industrial secrets provides our foundation for risk management in the tech industry.  We possess resources for reverse engineering, anti-piracy, and anti-counterfeiting, as well as global patent protection and even patent litigation.  In the tech industry our expertise concentrates at the business practices end of the spectrum and works back toward the physical, allocating energy and resources where the need is greatest.  Our extensive contact base and our access to technical experts in virtually every field provide us the advantage that we can work quickly and effectively on little notice.