Pacific International






We deliver effective global aerospace solutions for airlines, governments, and militaries worldwide.

Commercial Aircraft:

Our aerospace subsidiary develops and produces FAA-approved commercial aircraft replacement parts for commercial airlines, air cargo companies, and governments. Our proprietary Certified Parts Advantage program offers worldwide long-term purchase contracts with guaranteed on-time parts delivery. This proprietary program substantially lowers aircraft replacement parts costs, lowers aircraft parts inventories, improves cash management, and reduces exorbitant Aircraft-on-Ground (AOG) costs - all of which significantly lowers overall aircraft fleet operating costs. We deliver where and when others cannot!



Aircraft:  We develop and market new and previously-owned tactical, special operations, transport, unmanned and optionally-piloted aircraft, systems, equipment, and replacement aircraft parts with approval of the United States Department of Defence and allied Defence Ministries.


Important Note:  Pi Global complies with all International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) or Export Administration Regulations (EAR) regarding communication, export, re-export, or transfer of information to all foreign persons or entities without the proper authorization(s) from the U.S. Government.

Experience: We have broad and deep aerospace experience. Our aerospace experience spans Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved aircraft parts design, development, and production. Our commercial aircraft parts programs meet or exceed the same FAA design standards and certification requirements as Airbus and Boeing aircraft manufacturers and subcontractors. The FAA verifies that the design of all aircraft parts meets rigid FAA safety regulations, fabrication processes, and inspection procedures. Our companies have developed, acquired, and held FAA Parts Manufacturing Approval (PMA) and Production Approval Holder (PAH) certifications. The approvals and certifications authorize companies to produce, inspect and certify our aircraft replacement parts for installation on commercial, government, and military aircraft.

Products: Our product development expertise demonstrates our design, development, production, and certification experience in the development of proprietary aircraft parts for Airbus, Boeing, and other commercial aircraft manufacturers. Our aircraft parts are developed for a large and diverse installed base of aircraft types that are not overly dependent on any single airframe in any commercial airline or government aircraft fleets. 

Markets: Our global market development programs penetrate new markets and expand existing markets to provide increased revenue expansion and profitability. Our diverse international team of aerospace industry executives, pilots, and special operations personnel have specific skills, established relationships, and decades of experience in the air and on the ground. Our senior managers develop implementable strategies, coordinate precise execution, and deliver results from broad experience in markets worldwide, including some of the most dynamic, as well as hazardous environments in the world. 

Marketing: Pacific international has created some of the most prolific aerospace and aviation marketing programs in the world…for major international airlines, specialty aircraft services, and commercial and military aircraft sales programs. 

Mergers and Acquisitions: Our extensive knowledge and global experience in the aerospace, commercial aircraft, and airline industries, provide the expertise necessary to gather appropriate market, competitor, and management intelligence necessary to determine target company values, issues, and market potential necessary to effectively structure mergers or acquisitions. We deliver business, financial, management, and competitive information using a vast assortment of global resources and skills.

Strategic Alliance and Partnership Development: Our global resources chart the appropriate course through challenging environments, which allow our clients to seize opportunities while minimizing risk. Our business relationships and resources straddle the globe - we have successfully operated our own companies and client interests on every continent. This breadth of resources and our attention to detail in building relationships for ourselves and our clients provides us with the dependable resources and the necessary expertise that offers our clients immediate market access and enduring strategic partnerships.