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We specialize in modular construction solutions that deliver the most cost-efficient residential, government and military housing solutions, which are completed in less than half the time of conventional construction. Our end-to-end modular structures deliver lower project costs, faster completion and significantly lower risk exposure.















Project Construction

The complexity of construction projects can lead to high risk of failure when a project runs over schedule or significantly over budget.   We realize that the critical components impacting cost and project duration overruns occurs in the identification, acquisition, appraisal, investment planning and asset creation phases followed by knowing the legal and political landscape, your partners and suppliers.

We provide complete project feasibility from identification through commencement of construction. We understand that development and construction process should be established as in phases with established benchmarks prior to progressing to the next phase, starting with:

Opportunity Identification:   Identification, due diligence and competitive market analysis are critical components that will impact the ultimate success of a project.  We provide the objectivity and controls that will provide the foundation for the success of each project.

Appraisal:  Appraisal must be more comprehensive than sales comparatives.  It clearly define the project objective, scope of the project, proposed structure, development of the project business case, funding strategy, feasibility study and risk analysis.

Investment:  The investment stage includes initial working capital to undertake identification, appraisal, concept and design development, entitlements, project plan and risk mitigation plan.

Asset development:  The preparation of the design plan, construction plan, construction schedule, commissioning, and operation plan, is the final step leading to commencement of the construction phase.

Design - Build:  We design end-to-end steel modular structures that provide stronger, safer and more energy efficient buildings that provide lower maintenance costs than any commercial or residential building provider..

Security: We have provided security threat assessments, risk analysis and security initiatives to protect critical infrastructure, assets and personnel for some of the largest multinational design-build, engineering and construction in some of the worldwide most challenging environments.

Our international team of industry lawyers, executives, real estate professionals, and operations specialists provide their unique skills, established relationships, and decades of experience in the international construction industry to lower project risk and improve the probability of success.